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Beechcraft King Air E90 for Corporate Charter Flights 

The Beechcraft King Air E90 is a preferred aircraft for private business charter flights. The King Air E90 is an update to the popular King Air C90. The E90 is a twin-engine aircraft that leads today’s turboprop market due to its powerful engines and enhanced fuel capacity.  

The King Air E90 can hit speeds of 270 mph and cruise up to 1,100 nautical miles without stopping. The passenger capacity for the King Air E90 is 5 passengers. ​


Capacity: 5 pax

Speed: 270 mph
Range: 1,100 nm


An experienced crew handles every business or private charter flight. Our flight crew and management teams are well versed in the GOM, OPS SPECS, and FAA regulations that make Atlantic Air Charters a safe and secure way to fly.