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Beechcraft King Air 100 for Corporate Charter Flights 

For corporate charter flights, the Beechcraft King Air 100 reigns. Improving upon the popular Beechcraft King Air 90, the King Air A100 is a twin-engine aircraft that excels in today’s turboprop market. The most notable improvements to the King Air 90 model are the King Air 100’s increased: cabin size, range, and speed. 


Capacity: 8 pax

Speed: 270 mph
Range: 1,000 nm


The Beechcraft King Air 100 features improved engine output power and range. If you’re booking a corporate air charter flight and need to get there fast, don’t worry! The King Air A100 has the ability to hit speeds of 270 mph and can cruise more than 1,000 nautical miles without stopping.  

For private and corporate charter flights, King Air 100 is a good fit for parties of 8 or less. In total, the King Air 100 can accommodate 2 crew members and 8 passengers.  

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