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Empty legs are all about utilizing the spare capacity of a private jet. For example, if you’re travelling to a popular summer destination such as Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Atlanta, New York, Texas, California, etc  the chances of a suitable empty leg are increased as private jets will be travelling between to/from these destinations more frequently.  

Flexibility is your friend when considering a empty leg private jet flight with Atlantic Air Charter. Often private jets will be travelling from or to particular airports, if you are able to depart and arrive using the originally planned airports, you will get the most competitive empty leg prices. If you find an empty leg which is almost what you are looking for but isn’t quite perfect, let us know. Where the existing private jet schedule allows, we can calculate the price to re-route the private jet empty leg and still keep the savings. 


Empty Leg Private Jets 

Our schedule is very dynamic, and therefore our flights' positioning is subjected to change every hour. To ensure the fastest service for our passengers, the prices for our empty legs follow a logarithmic formula. As the flight gets closer to its performance, the lower its price will become. Should you want to book an empty-leg flight two days in advance, for example, the price will be almost identical to a regular private jet flight.  


When you charter a flight which flies empty on its way to reposition for the next passenger, you benefit from excellent in-flight and after-flight services. Your private jet experience will have all the advantages of a standard flight with Atlantic Air Charter, plus the one of the price. 



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