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Beechjet 400A for Corporate Charter Flights 

The 400A has undergone vast design improvements from the original 400.  It is mainly constructed of aerospace light alloys.  Three separate fueling ports (one in each wing and one in the fuselage) combine to hold 4,911 lbs of fuel.  The fuselage’s new fuel tank located under the floor allows more cabin space.  The aircraft is designed to consume fuel in the fuselage compartment first to steady the wings’ bending moment.  Additionally, the brakes incorporate anti-skid logic to allow a greater maximum landing weight.


Capacity: 7 pax

Speed: 540 mph
Range: 1,300 nm

YOR: 2020


Private Air Charter - Beechjet 400A

The cabin of the 400A is more spacious thanks to the aforementioned refinements.  Carrying 7 or 8 passengers and a crew of two, the interior dimensions measure: 15.6 ft long, 4.8 ft high and 4.9 ft wide.   Passengers enjoy fully breathable seats that swivel up to 180 degrees.  A cabin baggage area and refreshment cabinet have been added.   Newly located engine mounts and the addition of sound-dampening materials makes for a more enjoyable and quieter cabin environment.

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