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Our Light-Jet Fleet go through rigorous maintenance procedures and safety checkouts so you can rest assured that you’ll be flying in a safe, well-maintained luxury charter aircraft. For other air charter flights, we provide financial protection, high attention to detail and select only those air charter operators, who meet our stringent safety standards.

Flight Simulator

A flight simulator is a system that attempts to replicate or simulate the experience of piloting an aircraft the most accurately and realistic way possible. Flight simulators are used to train pilots in the aviation and military industry, for the simulation of disasters or failure in flight and the development of aircraft. Our staff is trained by Flight Safety Simulators Located in USA.


Your Safety.

Our Commitment.

All aircraft maintenance is completed to manufacturer specifications. Our quality workmanship is governed by stringent internal quality and regulatory audited control.


Aware of the risks involved in the trade, all aircraft operated by Atlantic Air Charter have extensive insurance coverage.

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