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Mid Size Private Jets

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

Privacy, time savings and unparalleled comfort are just some of the perks of flying via a private jet. Cozy sleeping areas, contemporary showers, lavishly appointed board rooms, and plush seats with an abundance of legroom – these are the additional features you can enjoy depending on the private aircraft you are using.

Whether you are planning to buy your own business jet, or you wish to charter one, it is best to know which type will suit your needs and preferences to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable travel, every time. With seating for as many as ten travelers, these aircraft offer larger luggage capacity and greater flight range than lighter jets. Most cabins allow for standing headroom, a fully enclosed rear lavatory and a small galley with room for serving food and drinks. Mid-sized and super mid-sized jets are often perfect for corporate travel, as they can carry a team of executives, but they are also ideal for travel with friends and larger families.

Mid Size Private Jet Bookings

The mid-size private jet category with our fleet contains private jets that have the capacity to fly for up to 4 hours with 8 passengers and up to to 2 hours with 10 passengers. All these private jets have much larger stand-up cabins with large washrooms and good external baggage holds. Again as you would expect from Atlantic Air Charter we have fleet access across not only the UK and Europe but also the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Russia.

Mid-size jets have and endurance of about 4 -5 hours of flight time with a range of about 2,800 nautical miles and a cruise speed of around 450 knots. Some aircraft can fly nonstop coast to coast, while others may need to make a quick fuel stop en-route. Mid size jets are a step up from light jets providing ample headroom and a wider cabin than a light jet, Mid Size jets are perfect for longer flights where you just need to stand up and stretch a little. They are typically configured for 7 – 8 passengers and they feature an enclosed lavatory for full privacy.

Midsize Private Jet Rentals

Of all private jets used on trips with Atlantic Air Charter, nearly one third take place on Midsize Jet rentals. Offering more room, extra baggage storage, and a larger range – these private jets offer versatility for the discerning private jet traveler. Much of the attraction of a Midsize private jet resides in the fact that they can accommodate larger groups of passengers more comfortably. Contact us today


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