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Aviation Employment Opportunities

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

When asked to make a list of airline jobs, most people instantly think of pilots. But the flight crew, while their jobs are definitely important, are only a small part of what keeps an airplane flying and flight schedules on track. Airlines rely on many individuals to perform their job in order to keep them in business. They include baggage handlers, ticket agents, and avionics technicians.

There are lots of aviation employment opportunities with Atlantic Charter. Some of them are below:

Airline Administrative Support Job Openings

Every airline, big and small, needs administrative support staff to keep the office running smoothly. These positions include secretaries, data entry workers, receptionists, communications and PR specialists, and those who work in the human resources department who handle or oversee the hiring, labor relations issues, training, and termination of employees.

Flight Attendant Jobs

Private Jet Flight Attendant Job Openings

The main responsibility of a flight attendant is to make sure passengers are safe. Next, they must provide great customer service. Flight attendants make up almost 20 percent of the 515,000 employees that comprise the aviation workforce. Do you love to travel? The job might be for you!

Private Jet Flight Operations Agent Job Opportunities

Also known as an Airline Operations Agent, the cargo agent needs great communication skills for receiving and transmitting information from and to pilots, ground crew, and other personnel. The Ops Agent must be able to prioritize a large number of projects and tasks. When flights are overbooked (it happens often!), agents must make decisions to rectify the situation in a way that will not negatively impact the schedule. The airline district sales manager oversees all of a district’s reservations and ticket sales offices and the sales representatives in that district. Sales representatives promote their airline in an effort to sell cargo space and plane tickets.

Flight Dispatcher for Private Jets Career Opportunities

Flight dispatchers are responsible for ensuring the safety of an aircraft’s flight. This includes preparing a flight plan, which is a detailed schedule of destinations, layovers, distance, expected fuel consumption, winds aloft, weather, altitude, compass bearing, and alternate destinations in case of problems.


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