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How To Book A Private Jet

Booking a private jet might seem like a daunting experience for a first-timer, but with a little research, doing so is actually quite simple.

If you’re renting a private jet for a group, you will probably want to charter an entire aircraft. You can do this through two different types of companies: operators or brokers. Which you use is a matter of personal preference. Operators own and operate their own aircraft. They will know which of their planes are most suitable for your trip, especially if your departure is from an airport they operate out of.

How To Rent A Private Jet

In most cases private jet providers calculate the hourly rate to estimate the costs of a private jet rental. However, this method does not always produce an accurate private jet charter quote. Online estimates are used to quickly calculate or ball park the price of a private jet flight. We will provide you with a final quote which is an all-inclusive price for your approval. When choosing an aircraft size, consider which aircraft have the range to fly to your destination without fuel stops. A smaller aircraft requiring a fuel stop will have a lower hourly rate, but fuel stops increase travel time and add additional costs, not always resulting in the savings you were expecting.

Booking Private Jets

Our large aircraft can transport up to 11 passengers for nearly 7,300 statute miles. Enjoy additional space, luxury, and delicious gourmet meals served by a Atlantic Air Charter flight attendant. With access to booking these highly versatile, state-of-the-art large private jets, anything is possible.

Why Choose Atlantic Air Charter?

✓ Over years of experience in private aviation

✓ Superior service from start to finish

✓ A personal flight attendant on every flight

✓ On-demand inflight entertainment

✓ Fine dining from premier aviation caterers

✓ Plenty of luggage room for excess luggage

✓ Rent aircrafts from turbo-props to airliners

✓ A wide range of heavy jet options, including those with beds and seats that can be turned into beds

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