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Private Jet Industry Job Opportunities

The private jet industry has many job opportunities on the ground. These positions have many names: airline informational representative, ground attendant, station attendant, special assistant coordinator, or airport informational representative. Regardless of title, the main responsibility is to assist passengers in the terminal with general questions regarding directions, terminal services, or arranging wheelchair access.

Aviation Meteorologist Career Opportunities

Aviation meteorologists provide weather information to airline flight dispatchers and pilots. They must determine current and forecasted weather conditions for all altitudes, including the direction and speed of the wind, cloud cover, and precipitation. Passenger service agents have some of the same responsibilities as those in station agent jobs, but they are focused on working passengers – not aircraft. Their duties include issuing refunds to passengers, computing fares, preparing and selling tickets, collecting charges for excess baggage, checking baggage, and providing travel information.

Private Jet Ramp Planner Job Openings

An airline ramp planner is responsible for knowing the arrival and departure times for each of the airline’s aircraft at that airport. He or she coordinates a variety of departments or contracted companies that must perform various tasks on the aircraft before it can depart for the next flight.

Reservation Sales Agent

Reservation sales agents provide travel information over the telephone to customers of the airline. Typically, this information includes trip planning, car rentals, seat availability, fare information, schedules, tours, meals, and other information relevant to the customer’s flight plans. Although internet reservations have skyrocketed, airlines still utilize reservation sales agents.

Sales Representative

Airline sales representatives help generate business for the airlines. They promote their airline to businesses.

Private Jet Crew Schedule Coordinator Job Openings

Airline crew schedule coordinators are responsible for staffing aircrew and ground support to keep flights on schedule. If weather or mechanical difficulties delay a flight, it is the crew scheduler’s responsibility to make sure schedule adjustments are made so that travelers arrive at their destination on time.

Airline Station Agent Openings

The most important duty of the station agent or district operations manager is ensuring the overall operations of a given airline at an airport. This encompasses both flight and ground support operations and involves coordinating flight crew, cargo crew, baggage crew, ground crew, and the information that must be communicated among all these teams.

Private Charter Flight Airline Ticket Agent Job Opportunities

Ticket agents work at an airline’s ticket or baggage counter. They greet customers when they arrive at the airport. They check-in luggage and make seat assignments. They also handle airline ticket sales, and reservation changes, and provide information on aircraft boarding.

Private Airline Flight Instructor Job Openings

An airline flight instructor provides recurrent training for the airline’s pilots. Airline flight instructors may be senior pilots who fly for the airline.

Private Jet Avionics Technicians Job Opportunities

Avionics technicians specialize in working on the electronics systems of aircraft. Avionics technician jobs involve troubleshooting, repairing, replacing, and installing avionics equipment. Calibration of the equipment may also be required.

Aviation Attorney

Aviation attorneys specialize in aviation-related cases in commercial or general aviation for individuals, government agencies, or companies. Aviation attorneys represent airlines and/or the government. Some aviation attorneys work for the FAA, while others may be on staff or on retainer by large corporations who own aircraft or deal with airlines.

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