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Benefits of Flying Private

Private jets can be booked for a variety of reasons, such as conducting business meetings away from your office, attending a conference in another state, or simply wanting to get home faster after a long week at work.

If you're still not sure if renting a plane is right for you, here are 5 fascinating reasons why you should consider it:

Benefits of Booking Private Jet Charters

1.- Increased security

Security in this kind of flight can also be observed from multiple aspects. The first one from the point of view of health, since you will share your trip with a small number of people, so there will be less risk of infection by viruses or bacteria.

The second of them is that the units used for private flight services are much smaller than commercial aircraft but use higher heights. This quality is crucial to avoid the effects of storms during the journey and offer a more pleasant trip.

In addition, boarding is done through a private aviation terminal or what is commonly called an FBO (fixed base operator). and security controls are carried out on them.

Finally, Atlantic Air Charter units only provide private charter flights on aircraft that have proven safety ratings, such as Argus and Wyvern.

In this way we reduce the level of risk to a minimum and raise the quality of our users' experience.

Benefits of Private Jet Travel

2.- Budget

This point may be striking for you and you will believe that it is not. However, there are possibilities to save money with Atlantic Air Charter private flights and we will tell you how this happens.

The first point is that commercial flights usually limit the volume and quantity of luggage, due to the fact that they handle a high number of passengers. When you exceed these parameters, you simply have to make an additional payment.

On private flights, the volume and quantity of luggage increases without the need to make an additional payment for it. At this point, there is a considerable reduction in expenses that you should consider, especially if you move on a recurring basis.

In addition, Atlantic Air Charter offers empty leg flights whose cost can reach the level of a commercial ticket. You just need to check our availability to enjoy a low price and greater security and comfort with VIP treatment

Flying Private vs First Class

When it comes to travel, not everyone wants to experience it the same way. Private flights will offer you fascinating reasons that will make you decide once and for all to opt for VIP transfers, especially those offered by Atlantic Air Charter, since:

● They reduce stress.

● They increase comfort.

● They reduce travel time.

● They increase your security.

● They help save money.

To avoid these usual inconveniences of commercial flights and obtain the greatest benefits that a private flight can offer you, you just have to contact us through any of our service channels.

At Atlantic Air Charter, we guarantee the most cost-effective fares, with extreme personal attention to detail and a relentless commitment to safety. Our users attest to this. Contact us today


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