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Atlantic Air Charter provides Empty Leg Flights to Miami for very good prices! In some instance, the owner of the aircraft will need to have their jet flown to their location to pick them up. This type of private jet flight is called an empty leg which cost the owner money. Therefor they may ask the operator to sell the empty leg portion of the trip if efforts to recou at least some part of the empty leg cost of the trip. Empty legs are often discounted but they will still expect a fair price or else they simply wont sell the empty leg to Miami. Atlantic Air Charter have multiple Jets to choose from like the Beech Jet 400A and the King Air A100 to and from Miami.

Empty Legs From Miami

Empty leg flights are based on classic supply and demand of private jets in Miami. If there are multiple empty legs flying in the same direction, there may be more room to negotiate the price of an empty leg from Miami. For example, lets say you want to book a flight around Christmas on a popular route like from New York or from Miami. Tis means there will probably be a lot of empty leg flights on the return journey, from Miami to New York. If that's the route you want to take, you get a chance for bigger savings as operator attempt to beat the competition and fill their empty legs. If your interested in private jet flights from Miami to London or from Europe to the middle east or Asia - empty leg flights could save you upwards of $100,000. Closer to home, cross country private flights from Miami to Los Angeles in the US can produce saving of $30,000-$50,000

What is an empty leg flight?

Each time you book a jet, one of the flights either to or from a destination like Miami becomes available as the aircraft repositions to pick up its next set of passengers. This is know as an empty leg flight and are often less expensive than typical private jet flights. Atlantic Air Charters allow you to sign up for empty leg notifications and get notified the moment an empty leg becomes available to cites like Miami. By being flexible on your travel plans, you could save up to 75% on the cost of a conventional private jet charter to Miami.

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