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Private International Charter Flights

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

When you fly international on a private aircraft with Atlantic Air Charter, you will find a much smoother and quicker customs process than you would experience in a commercial travel setting, Most countries' customs officers will greet you at the door of the aircraft to clear your arrival, Check documentation and luggage, then send you on your way to enjoy your trip with minimal interruption. The process is quick and painless and can be finished within five minutes of arrival. Some locations will require you to go to a central location to check your luggage and documents prior to taxiing to your FBO, but these are not the norm and do not add too much time to your flight.

International Private Charter Flights

When Atlantic Air Charter clients book an international trip, the Flight Coordination team immediately begins executing the necessary measures to permіt clearance for departure by coordinating with U.S. Customs аnd Border Protection (CBP). Wіth years of experience, Atlantic Air Charter has amassed a great deal of valuable сharter expertise. Innovation has also given Atlantic Air Charter an upper edge when it comes to simply offering affordable prices to business jet travelers. We continuously invest in technology, by purchasing the latestet software, and developing ourselves the needed tools that will make it more efficient and easier for our clients to book a private jet.

International Charter Flights Cost

Atlantic Air Charter is independent and financially stable. We are no apart of a holding company or larger investment group. We do not own places or act as an operator for third parties. This market neutrality allows us to find the right private plane, in the right place, at the best price. Try us today! Contact us today to book your next International Private Charter


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